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The Flagship Window Providing POSCO's Premium Steel Products In The USA  

From Carbon Steel to Special Steel
From Flat Steel to Wire rod & Bar
From Raw Materials to Finished Products

Company Overview

Based on POSCO's high-quality flat steel with the world's best quality, we can provide only 0.3150"(8mm) of edge scraps for each slitting set-up by using robot arms to increase accuracy, which applies equally to the toll processing business.

Ready to supply a variety of wires, CD-bars and HR bars based on wire rods and bars made of giant blooms using iron melted in the blast furnace, which does not exist in the USA.

We keep the temperature and humidity uniformly in the air-conditioned warehouse to prevent the damage and aging of the coil and maintain the optimum quality at all times.

Based on our experience in handling various import materials, we can provide the optimal logistics route and efficient logistics cost for import goods, which contributes to improving our competitiveness with our most sophisticated warehousing service.

Contact Us

6500 Jefferson Metro Pkwy,

McCalla AL 35111

TEL: 205-277-2144

FAX: 205-477-8240

5140 Loop Rd,

Jeffersonville IN 47130

TEL: 606-230-9908

FAX: 205-477-8240

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