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Alabama Plant

Alabama Plant

Professional Coil Service Center for Automobile Manufactures

POSOCO AAPC has two slitting lines and one cut to length line. In addition to offering competitively priced processing on the aforementioned lines, we offer storage services in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. Our facility can ship and receive material via rail which enters inside for loading and unloading. We also provide trucks, with the most competitive cost and time management by transportation team in POSCO AAPC. 


Slitting lines are specifically designed for processing of material used for automobile parts, including the exposed part.

We have an automatic slitting knife set-up which provides accuracy of processing.

With our high-tech slitter, we could generate only 0.3150" (8 mm) edge scrap for each slitting set-up.

The knowledge of both mill and automobile manufacturers' position is our differences. 

  • Raw material sourcing, inventory management and processing

  • Working with stampers directly as a bridge between mills and automobile manufactures.

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