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Company Overview




POSCO AAPC has experienced substantial growth in 7 years since it was founded in 2010 at Alabama. As the global leader in the steel industry, we give our priorities to employee’s safety and happiness along with customer’s trust and satisfaction. We provide a broad business platform to you given the various types of products from slitting plates to producing wire rod. We are working with stampers directly as a bridge between mills and automobile manufactures. Knowledge of both mill and automobile manufacturers' position is one of our differentiate features from other processing centers.  

POSCO AAPC has 39,000 MT (86,000,000 LB) capacities of the warehouse in Alabama plant, where 8 units of air conditioners run 24hrs to maintain the average temperature of 78F. Our slitting lines are specifically designed for processing of material used for automobile parts, including exposed panel. We are able to process coils with the capability of 133,000,000 LB (60,000 MT) and enhance the optimizing efficiency by using the robot arms to change automatic slitter knife set up. Through our new technology, we bring the fastest but accurate products to you. 

In September 2017, POSCO AAPC opens the wire rod processing center in Jeffersonville, Indiana, at the center of the fastener industry.

We are mainly deal with the Cold Drawn Bar and Wire rod through cost saving process with the non-heat treated steels for fastener industry. Our facility is consist of 2 heat furnaces (STC Type), 1 pickling and coating line, and 4 drawing machines, which can produce the capacity of 25,000 Ton per Year. To build up a strategic partnership with Fasteners and forging companies, POSCO aim to supply the right products at the right time with the competitive guarantee price and quality by directly negotiate with the bar manufacturer. 

To provide our customers with products that meet or exceed their quality requirements, we will continuously strive to improve the quality and delivery time. 


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