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Alabama Plant

Alabama Plant



POSCO AAPC can conduct various strips of yokes and legs to be cut from high quality, cold rolled, grain-oriented silicon steel coated with magnesium-silicate-phosphate through our latest technologically advanced servo motor driven core cut-to-length (CTL) machinery.

Our particular model, UST1000AS-A, can produce a long strip cut from 500 mm up to 5000 mm and width ranging from 100 mm to 1020 mm. Execution of hole punch, tip shear, oscillating shear in one automated procedure generates versatility and adaptability to our clients' requested specifications. Sheets that have been produced from this machinery get assembled via lamination process (Used in dry type transformers, oil immersed power transformers, reactors, etc). 

Up-to-date transformer corporations use this method in order to maximize efficiency/reduce wasted energy(eddy current) and construct energy effective transformers today.

Technical Specifications

We provide several types of cut-to-length products like below.  

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