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Alabama Plant

Alabama Plant

Light Slitter

Light Gauge Slitter 

Types of Product

  • Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

This model is capable of handling up to 20,000MT of coil-formed steel annually. Its capable range is smaller and lighter, composing our rotary knives to be set up manually. Manual knife set up, which concludes to a tight gap spacing in between Top/Bottom shaft minimizes product loss by reducing the "BURR" (Rough cut edges) through out the whole coil. With our top of the line, up to date technology infused machinery, we constantly strive and improve to meet our customers' requested specifications.

Technical Specifications

Special Packaging

POSCO AAPC provides accurate packaging process to each customers with double inspections from beginning and finishing

  • To protect the coil from the serious damage, we put core inside of coil and wrap it with VCI vinyl. 

  • After one more inspection to double check its packing condition, wrap the coil with edge protectors. As a final step, apply the POSCO tape to top of coil to protect edge. 

POSCO AAPC's light slitter also executes the role of slitting various types of coil-formed steel into customized skelp products by modifying the width, length, and the weight of each product.

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