Alabama Plant

Heavy Gauge Slitter

Alabama Plant

Heavy Slitter

POSCO AAPC's Heavy Slitter line can slit various types of Coil-formed steel into skelp products by modifying the width, length, and the weight of each item. Our high capacity particular model is capable of handling up to 80.000MT of coil-formed steel annually

Technical Specifications

With our highly trained production employees facilitating knife clearance and lap adjustments, recoiler that is designed and forged to not create reel marks within inner diameter of a coil, installation of separator to reduce telescoping while rewinding, 2 different set of belt bridles that are in place to protect the surface of the material, time efficient turret type two-arm to take out finished skelps quickly, contributes to the fact that our equipment is unique. On account of these critical quality factors, we are able to mass produce and engage in many different clients from automotive, appliance corps to building/ construction firms. 

  • 2 Distinct cutting type (pull and drive) and mode (tension and loop), line speed that can go up to 250 mpm, makes it easily adaptable to many different types of scenarios. 

Types of Product

  • Cold Rolled

  • Stainless

Robot Arm 

  • ​Our slitter line being equipped with the robot arm which assemble top and bottom rotary knives. It comprehensively removes any rooms for human error.

Slit Edge                                       *Minimum

  • Galvanized

  • Electro Galvanized

  • Pre-Coated/Painted Steel