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Current Openings

Careers at POSCO AAPC

Careers at POSCO AAPC

Current Open Positions


Location: McCalla, AL


Job Accountabilities:

  1. Develop and implement quality control plans, programs, processes, and procedures, test plans, and inspection standards to ensure that quality systems comply with internal standards, customers’ requirements, and other industrial and governmental regulatory requirements;

  2. Establish steel products inspection methodology by inputting product drawings and explanation for quality standards, utilizing Computer-Aided Design (“CAD”);

  3. Provide technical guidance, training, and quality engineering support to quality personnel and project teams for investigations and compliance activities to resolve quality issues caused during development and production processes;

  4. Validate quality control processes and all corrective actions for quality issues;

  5. Support various internal and external quality audits and establish and implement follow up action plans for the audits;

  6. Conduct various quality tests on products, including material strength tests, and ensure that all products pass required standards;

  7. Lead and participate in cross-functional teams in charge of quality process compliance and improvement activities;

  8. Lead inspection and quality test personnel to ensure continuous compliance with engineering specifications, customers’ requirements, and quality standards;

  9. Lead investigations of non-compliance and non-conformance risks and root causes in quality issues and establish and implement countermeasures for the risks and issues;

  10. Review quality risk and issue management assessment;

  11. Perform Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (“PFMEA”);

  12. Use statistical techniques and analytical methods to achieve effective problem-solving, root cause discovery, and corrective actions;

  13. Monitor trends in quality performance metrics and the impact of quality process improvement;

  14. Collect and analyze quality data, including internal and external audits, quality defects and corrective actions, and quality tests;

  15. Ensure that timely and proactive corrective and preventive actions are implemented and verified.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering;

  • Experience in quality management systems;  

  • Engineering Knowledge;

  • Skills in utilizing CAD and conducting quality tests and analytical skills


Location: McCalla, AL/ Jeffersonville, IN

The ideal candidate for this position should be interested in gaining experience in marketing, sales, and communications while also having experience with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Great opportunities for professional development and career growth. No experience is required.


Job Accountabilities:

  1. Manages and maintains an established customer base.

  2. Document customer orders in an accurate and timely manner and provide information as necessary to other departments/individuals within the organization to ensure high-quality customer service.

  3. Identifies current/potential customer and/or vendor complaints and communicates effectively with colleagues and customers to resolve them according to company policy.

  4. Keeps management informed of all activity, including timely preparation of reports.

  5. Monitors and researches market trends and then documents findings to present to colleagues.

  6. Analyzing the sales numbers by the customer, vendor, or material specification to forecast future sales and purchasing amounts

  7. Contributes to team effort by preparing documents as needed by colleagues.

  8. Visits customer and/or vendor locations as necessary to maintain effective working relationships.

  9. Manages time well in order to complete tasks within allotted time.  Files necessary documents in a way that allows them to be referenced easily.

  10. Addresses customer and/or vendors concerns and inquiries in a timely manner.

  11. Exhibits polite, courteous behavior to customers and coworkers, maintains a neat appearance and possesses a strong work ethic and self-motivation.

  12. Additional duties as requested by Management, such as, but not limited to, community volunteer work, department workshops, and customer events.


Skills & Abilities

Education:                            Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or closely related field.

Experience:                           In place of a degree, three years of experience in an office setting is acceptable;

                                         the steel industry preferred.

Computer Skills:                    Proficiency in Microsoft Office.


Other Skills:                          Positive attitude, exemplary attendance, and reliable team member and

                                         Bilingual Korean/English required.


Location: McCalla, AL

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to fill a position within our company.

Job Accountabilities:

  1. Reconciles accounts receivable ledgers to the general ledger.

  2. Maintain confidential accounting records and files.

  3. Ensure payment of invoices and statements promptly.

  4. Coordinate the completion of daily receivables activities based on defined schedules and turnaround times.

  5. Process external customer billings.

  6. Review A/R aging report with Finance team monthly.

  7. Assist with customer account setups and changes.

  8. Assist with distribution of monthly statements.

  9. Assist with the management reporting and investigating of outstanding receivables balances.

  10. Suggest process improvement opportunities and assist with projects in the receivables area. 

Skills & Abilities

Education:                            Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Business, Finance, or Accounting.

Experience:                           1 to 3 years of demonstrated credit and collection experience

Computer Skills:                     Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Other Skills:                          Positive attitude, exemplary attendance, reliable team member, and organization 

                                          with excellent time management skills, ability to establish work plans,

                                          multi-task, and prioritize simultaneous projects.

Certifications & Licenses:         None


Location: McCalla, AL

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of customers’ freight orders and pickups of raw materials and finished products and assists sales with customer accounts.


Job Accountabilities:


1.   Process invoices for payments, and appointment scheduling.
2.   Locate and select freight carriers to haul inbound/outbound loads.

3.   Assist and track current sales orders and address concerns, complaints, and new orders.

4.   Resolve freight issues with carriers and customers.

5.   Prepare various detailed freight reports for Sales Director and Management.

6.   Notifying departments of shipping or receiving schedules and of any logistics problems.

7.   Verifying documents and checklists are accurate and complete.
8.  Maintain a current list of qualified carriers.

Skills & Abilities

Education:                            Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics or closely related field from an

                                         accredited college or university or equivalent.

Experience:                           1 - 3 years of experience dealing with carriers and in an office setup.

Computer Skills:                     Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Other Skills:                          Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, and scheduling;

                                         local geographic area. Must be highly organized and have excellent                                                             communications skills; attention to detail. 

Certifications & Licenses:         None

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