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Indiana Plant

Indiana Plant

Wire Rod Processing Center for Automotive Industries 

01. Wires Processed in Indiana Plant

POSCO AAPC in Indiana is mainly focus on the business of wire rod and bar for fasteners as a raw material such as the nuts and bolts for the automotive industry. Our production capabilities are 50,000 ton/ 5,808 hours which equals to 8.60 ton per hour of cycle times. Average loading weight would be 1.8 ton, using a C-hook type to elevate the wire rod. There are 4 different Drawing machines specifically used to draw different sizes of the wire rods. Two of the drawing machine types are Bull Block Type and the rest of are G-Block Type. Our annealing line is a STC "Short Time Cycle" type. POSCO AAPC is planning to install the hydrogen furnace which prohibit to generate the soot and possibility of decarburization and carburization. 

02. HR Bars Manufactured in Korea

POSCO AAPC will provide our customers with high quality HR Bar that is produced by using giant blooms made of POSCO’s blast furnace material. POSCO AAPC, of course, will bear all the responsibilities involved in the transaction, including quality and delivery.

03. CD Bars Processed in Korea

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